viernes, 12 de octubre de 2007

" Anna Politkovskaya remembered" por Katja Tähjä

People from around the world, including members and supporters of Amnesty International, are commemorating Russian journalist and human rights defender Anna Politkovskaya. One year ago, on 7 October, she was murdered outside her flat in Moscow.

This was almost certainly because of her work as a journalist, in which she exposed human rights violations throughout Russia. Amnesty International believes that the handling of the criminal investigation into her death to date shows that there is little political will to bring those who ordered the killing to justice.

After she began writing about the armed conflict in Chechnya and the North Caucasus in 1999, she was detained and threatened with serious reprisals, including death threats, on several occasions. She interviewed Russians, Chechens and members of other ethnic groups who reported being tortured or otherwise ill-treated, or to whom justice had otherwise reportedly been denied by the authorities of the Russian Federation.

Today, journalists and human rights activists, who themselves continue to face attacks, threats and intimidation, including death threats because of their work, remember Anna Politkovskaya.

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